We would like to welcome everyone to the International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC 2002), which this year is being held at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, and runs from October 7 - October 10, 2002. For more information about the conference and location, please visit http://iswc.tinmith.net - please check the web site regularly for conference updates as they occur, and join up on our mailing list for more information. Our site is now open for attendance registrations, and if you register before September 13th, 2002 you will receive considerable savings on the cost of registration.

We have an exciting program this year, with a number of events which have proved successful in the past, as well as some new innovations for this year. The ever popular gadget show will be here, a brand new fashion show, and also lots of exciting demos of wearable computer products and the latest technology.

ISWC is THE conference you must not miss if you are interested in wearable computers!

If you would like to see how much fun ISWC was in Zurich last year, check the ISWC 2001 web site here for lots of videos. Also, there are other archives for previous ISWC conferences as well, with videos and other information.

Topics being covered in the papers and presentations are:

Also, people in various areas of the media who wish to attend ISWC 2002 and report on the conference should contact the publicity chair Wayne Piekarski via email at wayne@cs.unisa.edu.au to register for press passes.

We hope to see you all at ISWC 2002 in Seattle!


ISWC 2002 Publicity Chair